Maja Malmcrona

#45 - Storytelling, Failure, Creativity, and Play

February 4, 2022

About storytelling, narrative, getting sidetracked, changing one’s path, goal-setting and failure, sulking (and excessive chips eating), problem-solving, changing professions, fear of quitting versus fear of fulfilment, facing oneself, Learning Sciences and different ways of learning, intuition and embodiment, experimentation and making mistakes, the difference between guidance and scaffolding, creativity, Roland Barthes’ ‘Mythologies’, open-ended toys, playfulness and the difference between play and games, art as play, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (and death by spooning), the Avishai Cohen Trio, music as a byproduct, and how to drill a great hole.

Maja Malmcrona (@majamalmcrona) is a contemporary artist from Sweden, based in Switzerland. Her work is of a visceral nature, characterised by an open—ended process of experimentation and mistake.

Julia Chatain (@thediverter_) is a doctoral student in Computer Science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. She is fascinated by the role of concreteness in mathematics education and, in particular, she explores how our bodies can help develop intuition about abstract concepts.

Recorded in Zürich on January 22, 2022.

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